Guitar Tremolos

Floyd Rose Tips

by on Sep.13, 2014, under Guitar Tremolos

Most tremolos operate using springs. I’ve noticed that the resonant overtones of these springs make it difficult to adjust your reverb, echo and other effects as well.

To articulate your notes and make a cleaner studio recording, mute the springs.

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Warmoth Strat

by on Dec.21, 2013, under Guitar Tremolos

Project Warmoth Custom Build

Warmoth Strat

[img src=]3460Warmoth Strat
Warmoth body, W.D. Music neck, Fender O.E. bridge, Sperzel tuners,
OverDrive Custom Guitar Works pickguard & electronics
[img src=]1160Warmoth Strat
Birdseye Maple
[img src=]1010Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity will have hidden spring claw ground loop
[img src=]1050Warmoth Strat
Fender decal was removed and headstock re-stained to match the body
[img src=]820Warmoth Strat
Tuner holes drilled
[img src=]770Warmoth Strat
Neck back
[img src=]780Warmoth Strat
Rosewood fingerboard
[img src=]830Warmoth Strat
OverDrive Custom Guitar Works loaded pickguard
[img src=]1040Warmoth Strat
Versatile electronics
[img src=]390Warmoth Strat
Small holes on each side for hidden ground loop
[img src=]380Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity
[img src=]300Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity w/ ground loop soldered to back of spring claw
[img src= (3).JPG]510Warmoth Strat
Headstock re-stained and refinished with new Graphite nut
[img src= (4).JPG]480Warmoth Strat
Sperzel locking tuners
[img src= (5).JPG]470Warmoth Strat
Graphite nut w/ Teflon
[img src= (6).JPG]510Warmoth Strat
Birdseye Maple
[img src= (7).JPG]540Warmoth Strat
Optional truss rod fine adjuster for quick tweaks
[img src= (8).JPG]500Warmoth
[img src= (2).JPG]570Warmoth Strat
[img src= (1).JPG]550Warmoth Strat
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1943 Gibson L-50 Re-fret

by on Aug.31, 2013, under Guitar Tremolos

This 1943 Gibson L-50 arch-top acoustic got new frets, a fingerboard level, 12th fret inlay, 70′s Les Paul tuners, a string nut made from Fossilized Walrus Ivory, and a split in the back repaired.S7301870S7301845S7301851S7301854S7301855S7301867S7301876

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Concert Bass Repair

by on May.18, 2013, under Guitar Tremolos

This 1947 Kay M1 Stand-up bass is getting a new bridge custom fit to the top of the instrument.

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