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Warmoth Strat

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Project Warmoth Custom Build

Warmoth Strat

[img src=]3580Warmoth Strat
Warmoth body, W.D. Music neck, Fender O.E. bridge, Sperzel tuners,
OverDrive Custom Guitar Works pickguard & electronics
[img src=]1170Warmoth Strat
Birdseye Maple
[img src=]1010Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity will have hidden spring claw ground loop
[img src=]1060Warmoth Strat
Fender decal was removed and headstock re-stained to match the body
[img src=]820Warmoth Strat
Tuner holes drilled
[img src=]770Warmoth Strat
Neck back
[img src=]780Warmoth Strat
Rosewood fingerboard
[img src=]830Warmoth Strat
OverDrive Custom Guitar Works loaded pickguard
[img src=]1060Warmoth Strat
Versatile electronics
[img src=]390Warmoth Strat
Small holes on each side for hidden ground loop
[img src=]390Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity
[img src=]300Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity w/ ground loop soldered to back of spring claw
[img src= (3).JPG]510Warmoth Strat
Headstock re-stained and refinished with new Graphite nut
[img src= (4).JPG]480Warmoth Strat
Sperzel locking tuners
[img src= (5).JPG]470Warmoth Strat
Graphite nut w/ Teflon
[img src= (6).JPG]510Warmoth Strat
Birdseye Maple
[img src= (7).JPG]540Warmoth Strat
Optional truss rod fine adjuster for quick tweaks
[img src= (8).JPG]500Warmoth
[img src= (2).JPG]570Warmoth Strat
[img src= (1).JPG]590Warmoth Strat
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Concert Bass Repair

by on May.18, 2013, under Guitar Tremolos

This 1947 Kay M1 Stand-up bass is getting a new bridge custom fit to the top of the instrument.

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Pre WWII Mandolin

by on Jan.31, 2013, under Guitar Tremolos

This handmade pre-WWII mandolin had been in the attic for close to 70 years. It’s an extreme example of what heat can do, and gets a new top, new frets, new inlays a handmade Fossilized Walrus Ivory nut and paint.

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