Guitar Tremolos

December 3, 2014

Custom Shop

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All spring loaded tremolos create spring noise, which can be a problem in the recording studio. There are “coated” springs that reduce noise but muting with foam is the best way to get the clean breaks you’re looking for.

Buffing Finishes

July 26, 2014

Guitars Paint & Body

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Before and after.  

Warmoth Strat

December 21, 2013

Custom Shop


With quality control standards at an all time low, more guitarists are requesting custom builds. Warmoth parts are outstanding! This body is a Birdseye Maple top, with a Mahogany back. The Neck is a Birdseye Maple back with an Ebony

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1943 Gibson L-50 Re-fret

August 31, 2013

Custom Shop, Vintage Restorations

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Fret Work

This 1943 Gibson L-50 arch-top acoustic got new frets, a fingerboard level, 12th fret inlay, 70’s Les Paul tuners, a string nut made from Fossilized Walrus Ivory, and a split in the back repaired.