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Guitar Tremolos

by on Dec.03, 2014, under Custom Shop

All spring loaded tremolos are subject to a natural reverb of their own which doesn’t get along well with effects. There are “Coated” springs that claim to work but muting with foam is the best way to get the clean breaks you’re looking for.

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Warmoth Strat

by on Dec.21, 2013, under Custom Shop

With quality control standards at an all time low, more guitarists are requesting custom builds.
Warmoth parts are outstanding!

Warmoth Strat

[img src=]26640Warmoth Strat
Warmoth body, W.D. Music neck, Fender O.E. bridge, Sperzel tuners,<br />OverDrive Custom Guitar Works pickguard & electronics
[img src=]20500Warmoth Strat
Birdseye Maple
[img src=]19730Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity will have hidden spring claw ground loop
[img src=]19840Warmoth Strat
Fender decal was removed and headstock re-stained to match the body
[img src=]18470Warmoth Strat
Tuner holes drilled
[img src=]18560Warmoth Strat
Neck back
[img src=]18600Warmoth Strat
Rosewood fingerboard
[img src=]18780Warmoth Strat
OverDrive Custom Guitar Works loaded pickguard
[img src=]19680Warmoth Strat
Versatile electronics
[img src=]18130Warmoth Strat
Small holes on each side for hidden ground loop
[img src=]17850Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity
[img src=]17880Warmoth Strat
Spring cavity w/ ground loop soldered to back of spring claw
[img src= (3).JPG]18150Warmoth Strat
Headstock re-stained and refinished with new Graphite nut
[img src= (4).JPG]18080Warmoth Strat
Sperzel locking tuners
[img src= (5).JPG]18080Warmoth Strat
Graphite nut w/ Teflon
[img src= (6).JPG]18310Warmoth Strat
Birdseye Maple
[img src= (7).JPG]18310Warmoth Strat
Optional truss rod fine adjuster for quick tweaks
[img src= (8).JPG]18150Warmoth
[img src= (2).JPG]18570Warmoth Strat
[img src= (1).JPG]19320Warmoth Strat
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1943 Gibson L-50 Re-fret

by on Aug.31, 2013, under Custom Shop, Vintage Restorations

This 1943 Gibson L-50 arch-top acoustic got new frets, a fingerboard level, 12th fret inlay, 70’s Les Paul tuners, a string nut made from Fossilized Walrus Ivory, and a split in the back repaired.S7301870







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PRS Guitars – Factory Tour

by on Mar.30, 2013, under Custom Shop

Exceptional quality at the PRS Factory

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